Thursday, May 10, 2007

Garry Shandling on interviewing by letting people talk

I recently listened to an episode of National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" in which David Bianculli interviews Garry Shandling, the creator of the "Larry Sanders Show," about the DVD set that's just been released.

Shandling included lots and lots of new content in the DVD collection consisting of him talking to various friends (Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfeld). I found it inspiring the way that he brought each person to a meaningful location, and entered into a dialogue, rather than "interviewing" them. He mentions in the Fresh Air interview that he finds magic in the moment, in the back and forth of him and the subject, and that a more scripted, formal approach would be less fresh and interesting.

That says a lot to people like me considering how to "do" podcasting. I may give his approach a try.