Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mistake Bank #12 - Don't forget about support!

What follows is a sample of a project I've been working on called the Mistake Bank. It combines narrative, learning from mistakes, video and web2.0 in an environment that companies can use to train new employees, create a corporate history, connect workers and mentors, and bring more humanity to the workplace. Email me at if you would like to know more about the Mistake Bank.

When John Caddell began his first job as a product manager, he inherited a new product that was being sold by a large partner. And once the first sale happened, he learned that having a support strategy is not optional.

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Michelle Malay Carter said...


Forgive me. This is a valuable process you are working to establish here, but while watching the video, I was distracted by whatever that is behind you. Is it a neck brace? Did you have surgery?

It subliminally registers as an ancient Egyptian headdress.

Feel free not to publish this comment. But I thought I should suggest you take care of the distracting background before filming your next Mistake Bank.



John Caddell said...

Hi, Michelle,

Thank you for this and your previous comments.

I noticed when I edited the video that the jacket hanger in my office was positioned right behind my head.

I didn't want to do a retake, so I decided to publish anyway. And I wondered if people would find it distracting. Now I know. I'll move it before the next taping (and perhaps I'll find the time to redo this one).

One of the interesting and humbling things about trying out video is that it opens up a whole raft of new mistakes I can make while I learn. Which is part of the point, I guess.