Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mistake Bank update

The Mistake Bank is three weeks old tomorrow. And like any infant that age, it's still hard to know what it will look like when it grows up. Yet there have been hundreds of visits, several dozen members joined, and nearly that many stories shared.

Many people I've talked to are intrigued, but a bit wary. What if I don't have any stories to share?

Let me make it clear, then. With the Mistake Bank, lurkers are welcome. Please sign up and visit often. You never know what you'll find. [Perhaps an embarrassing moment or two.]

If you want to share a story, but don't know how, take a look at what's already there to use as a model. Or do it your own way.

[If you happen to be at Wireless 2008 next week, and want to share a story, email me at inquiry (at) caddellinsightgroup (dot) com. I'll be there with my new Flip video camera and would be delighted to record it for you.]

The experiences, discussions and interactions I've had since the Mistake Bank went live have only reinforced my belief that we can build it into a useful, fun resource for all kinds of people.

Won't you consider joining?

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