Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Elevator pitches--simple, concrete, memorable

Ford Harding discussed how to create a good elevator pitch recently on his blog. Summarizing what you do in a few words--simple, concrete and memorable enough to leave an impression on someone you've just met--is not easy. [Ford's suggestions are useful and easy to apply.]

I'm finding it especially difficult now, as I'm beginning a transition from the "legacy" business I've done historically to the next specialty I'm trying to establish. When I've tried to talk about both sides of my business I succeed mainly in drawing quizzical looks and encouraging people to go back to the bar for another drink. What I've concluded is that I need two elevator pitches. One is for people I meet who are connected to the legacy business. The other is for everyone else.

Needing to create an elevator pitch for the new business area is helping me understand what I need to work on building next.

Which is, not surprisingly, a base of references.

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