Monday, September 25, 2006

Hello from Mobile Monday

I happened upon a very nice event tonight in Manhattan. Mobile Monday, a monthly discussion series, tonight featured a discussion on MVNOs. How timely!

Kudos to Steve Chang and his cohorts who put on a well-attended, informative session at the Samsung Experience at Time Warner Center.

The featured speaker was Joe Lazlo of Jupiter Research. He had some matter-of-fact advice for prospective MVNOs, such as:

- The barriers to success have risen in the past twelve months.
- MVNOs need an exclusive something... It doesn't have to be exclusive technology; even some kind of gimmick could work, or something that can be pitched in a novel way.
- Prospective media MVNOs have a conflict between distributing via every possible channel versus reserving some content for their MVNO customers.
- The "quieter" MVNOs may end up being most successful. Who are they? Shhh.....

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