Friday, September 01, 2006

Reading the blogs - week ending 1 Sep 2006

Lots of interesting things in the business blog space this week.

The terrific Business Innovation Insider blog, affiliated with the Fortune Innovation Forum, posted on a trippy idea: how massively multiplayer games can be used as an alternate model for organizing companies. In another post, it discussed how a "lunatic fringe" of engineers at Texas Instruments is the source for many of its most innovative new products.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog covers the interesting topic of emerging technologies to protect and certify sensitive email traffic, including messages that destroy themselves (Mission: Impossible lives!). The Law Blog also presents an update on the first options-backdating-related trial of executives from Brocade Communications. Surprise: they pled not guilty.

If you're an aspiring business-focused blogger, Business BlogWire lays out helpful tips for increasing traffic to your site. A sample: "The better you track page views, the more easy it is to think about improving your traffic. So get a good stats program like Sitemeter or Google Analytics and use it to see what your traffic is currently like."

Finally, in Business Week Blogspotting, Stephen Baker recounts the advice he gave his college-bound son as he began his freshman year. I'll have to file these for the next thirteen years, till my oldest son starts college.

Have a great weekend, all.