Sunday, April 01, 2007

Feeling constrained is a great inspiration to innovate

'Presentation Zen had another great, novelistic post stating that complaining about constraints in product design is completely misguided—in fact, dealing creatively with severe constraints is the essence of good design.

Then, the New York Times profiled 19-year-old basketball player Greg Oden, variously called the next Bill Russell or Tim Duncan (either is a great compliment, but I'd take Russell), and his switch to shooting left-handed after a serious injury and surgery to his right wrist. As a result, now that his right wrist is healed, he's a much more valuable player than he would have been if he hadn't been required to learn to use his left hand.

I'm working to create something within significant constraints. I've been playing with the Spin-my-Blog service (which allows me to talk for up to a minute and then send the transcription directly to my blog) for some weeks, and I've created a new form that will use the capabilities of the system.

Postlets: very short, conversational posts with limited (preferably no) editing, focusing on a brief business-related anecdote, hopefully funny. I'll load them up whenever they pop into my head.

Saturday's post is an example of the postlet form. Perhaps it adds a bit of freshness or change of pace to the normal blogging stuff. Let me know what you think.

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