Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sometimes it's the package #2

Last month I wrote about product packaging. Since that time I've noticed a few examples of particularly innovative packages, pictured above. (I also ran this New York Times article. When you're interested in something, it seems you find it everywhere.)

Cape Cod Beer sells its products in half-gallon jugs that resemble old moonshine containers, standing out from the zillion other beers in the store. (It's good beer, too, but difficult to get outside Cape Cod.)

I noticed the Aquapod container at a school orientation picnic. (Check out its kid-oriented web site.) Its "orbtastic shape" is "a Blast of fun!" Elementary schoolers agreed: Among the six different types of water in the cooler, kids grabbed this one.

And, finally, at breakfast last week my six-year-old son pointed out Maple Gold Syrup. He said, "You're studying packages. You should write about this one." It has a built-in spout surrounded by a rim, to catch any drips and funnel them back into the bottle. This innovation has saved our kitchen counter any number of sticky syrup glops.