Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Things I learned from reading my email today

  1. Faith Seymour wants to sell me Acrobat v8.0 Pro for $79, a $369 savings!
  2. Sydney Metcalf has some Viagra she wants me to buy.
  3. I can earn Northwest bonus points when I buy my ticket with my WorldPerks Visa (if I had one) or Paypal.
  4. "0EM software" is much cheaper than the regular kind!
  5. A stock named Vega Promotional (VGPA) rocked the market today.
  6. Whether I have bad credit or not, is willing to give me a $456,000 loan.
  7. "High School Musical 2" is the #1 album on iTunes. (No surprise to our family.)
  8. Saks Fifth Avenue is offering a gleaming keychain designed exclusively for them with any purchase of Christian Louboutin shoes or handbag.
  9. My friends use Plaxo too!