Monday, October 22, 2007

New iPhone advertisement a remarkable example of storytelling

I saw a new iPhone ad this weekend a dozen or more times. In it, an airline pilot tells how by using his iPhone he helped his flight avoid a three-hour weather delay and got his happy passengers to their destination on time.

(You can view the commercial on Apple's website here. You'll need Quicktime to view.)

This is an outstanding example of storytelling. There is a simple, compelling, 30-second narrative, related by the person involved. As he talks, he demonstrates how he used the iPhone to check the weather (artfully using many of the distinctive features of the phone, such as the display that reorients itself as you turn the phone and the zoom via touching). I can't imagine a more concise, effective way of helping people understand just what the phone can do.

It's the precise opposite of the glitzy iPod ads featuring wildly dancing silhouettes, which look great, but don't convey much.

Simple, compelling, engaging. Now I want one.

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