Thursday, August 28, 2008

A question for the readership--please help!

Hi, all,

We're approaching 1000 posts on Shop Talk, and I'm reflecting on the mission and approach of this blog. I'd like your help.

Please post comments about the blog on any of the following:

There should be more of (fill in the blank).

There should be less of (fill in the blank).

I wish this were discussed: (fill in the blank).

Get rid of: (fill in the blank).

...or anything else that would make the blog more interesting, useful or entertaining to you.

Thanks, John


Andrew Meyer said...


I first started reading Shop Talk because of the "Mistake Bank". It is a great niche and has helped my thinking in starting up my business tremendously. This is the sort of "been there, done that" experiential discussion that greatly benefits first time entrepreneurs.

You might consider adding a sister niche, maybe something like "Break Bank". Frank Peters, of The Frank Peters' Show (, once gave me a great piece of advice. "With a new business, the point of being is business is to stay in business, so that you can take advantage of a real opportunity when it comes along." This combined with luck (the definition of 'luck' being the intersection of preparation and opportunity) is what constituents a break. Most new businesses need a break somewhere and realizing that and looking for it are important. I would like to see you add "Break Bank", it would be a great service.

Finally, I enjoy your observations. If blogging adds real value, it's because someone whose intelligent and articulate presents a situation and then offers their personal insights about it. There is nothing that I like more about your site than your personal insights.

George Orwell once wrote something to the effect, that if you read an authors personal writings, their faces starts to appear. Your blog presents a very attractive face.

Love your blog,


John Caddell said...

Andy, thanks for your input. I'd like to learn more about your "Break Bank" idea... can you perhaps tell me a story about how it would work? thanks, John