Monday, November 03, 2008

A salute to free thinking

By free I mean it doesn't cost anything. It's also the other kind of "free," too--unconstrained and bold.

What I'm talking about is the insight and information available today on blogs. It's absolutely remarkable what is on the net, as close as your browser or RSS reader. By any measure, it's tenfold or onehundredfold what the most curious reader had access to ten years ago.

I haven't canceled my newspapers yet, but not one of them (not even the Times) can provide a list of contributors this strong. Here is who I read every day, whose insights I cherish and who make me think new things:

Bob Sutton
Fred Wilson
Dave Stein
Andrew McAfee
James Surowiecki
George Packer
Doc Searls
Rita Gunther McGrath
Jill Konrath
Tim Berry
John Quelch
Nancy Baym
Andrew Meyer
John Jantsch
Ford Harding
Ulla-Maaria Engeström (Hobby Princess)
Dave Snowden
Cognitive Edge guest blog
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge
Garr Reynolds

So... who am I missing? Who else should be on my RSS feed list?


Ford Harding said...

Many thanks. I feel honored.
Ford Harding

Andrew Meyer said...


aww shucks, I'm honored. There are a couple I find interesting:
Seth Godin (Marketing and business positioning):

For news and general commentary:
BusinessWeek's most popular:

and The Economist:

Both have excellent RSS services for delivering their main stories.

For metrics applied to entrepreneurship:

For thinking about business, innovation and entrepreneurship, Paul Graham's essays:

For deep thinking about what's currently happening in global financial markets:

For historical perspective and a contrarian view on things from a private equity perspective (e.g. argument that Guy Kawasaki is an idiot who should be ignored)

I have a whole series of blogs that I follow in finance, but I have a deeper interest there than most would. If you want others, I can give you about 20.

IT Product Management:

Anyways, that's probably enough puking pixels to keep any sane person buried.


Dave Snowden said...

Praise of the praiseworthy and all that
Thanks for the mention!