Thursday, March 15, 2007

Favorite non-business business blogs

Can blogs that aren't about business shed light on problems we businesspeople face every day? James March, the professor who taught us about foolishness, might say yes. Here are my favorites:

  1. Hobby Princess - all about handicrafts, yet sprinkling in lessons for those of us in business. Check out this post about how small can be better than big. Or this one about the conflicts between copyrights and open source.

  2. Greg Mankiw's Blog - economics brought to ground level by a Harvard professor. Ostensibly a tool for his introductory econ students, the blog takes on questions of government policies and looks at them with an economist's eye. Want to learn what Pigovian taxes are? Check here.

  3. David Report blog - on design of architecture, furniture, clothing. Beautiful pictures and some thought-provoking commentary about how design can improve or degrade our lives.

  4. Bill Walsh's Blogslot - the author, a copy editor for the Washington Post, regularly points out poor grammar and word choice in the nation's newspapers. The lessons for anyone who writes (i.e., all of us) are invaluable. Here's a simple take on an emerging problem in blog grammar.
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