Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spoken blogging in action

Last month, I wrote about a new speech-to-text service that allows you to speak your blog posts into an ordinary telephone. Now I've got the service, SpinVox Speak-a-Blog, set up with my own blog, and I used it to create today's earlier post.

Some results:

The translation service worked very well. I had to make a handful of very minor corrections--the spelling of a name, a couple of capitalizations, one verb tense problem. But these took all of a minute to do.

I retitled the post, did some slight line editing, and added Blogger labels and Technorati tags. (Note to product management: it would really be something to speak your tags and have the code appear magically in the post.)

I'm going to try to do one spoken post a week to see how they evolve and compare to the written posts. There's enough time to speak about 75 words. Most readers would say that's plenty!

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