Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Confused by "open wireless"? Read this

When it comes to making sense of the fragmented, messy world that is the US wireless marketplace, Hamilton Sekino of Diamond Consulting (someone I've worked with for years) is as good as it gets.

He and co-author David Gates have just written a white paper entitled "Wireless Open Models" (link - free with registration) that helps sort out just what "open" means in all the different contexts of the wireless world (networks, services, platforms, devices) and how names like Verizon, Android, iPhone, Nokia, Kindle, and others are involved. Like all Hamilton's work, "Wireless Open Models" is rigorous, well-written, and comes with a strong viewpoint.

It's a useful resource to have handy the next time you read about "open wireless." Which could be as early as today.

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