Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday random observation: it's scary to get real emails from people with spam email names

For example, I got an email this week from "Thiago DaSilva" and he wasn't selling cheap Tag Heuer watches or Viagra. After nearly trashing it, I realized it was actually in response to a request I had made.

It's a bit creepy when spam begins to resemble real emails and, worse, real emails begin to resemble spam.

PS, I have business email through Yahoo, and it lets every bit of spam through--probably 80% of my emails are spam, and I have to delete them. Anyone know of a way I could take my Yahoo-provided domain name to another provider who deals with this problem more effectively?



Alya Leuca said...

Yahoo is not very good at blocking spam and spammers are becoming better and better at making their messages resemble the real ones. Of all internet email clients Gmail has the best filter though I still always check the spam folder every time to see if no legit messages are there. It happened to me once in about two years of using Gmail. The Google Tutor at has a good article describing how to consolidate different email accounts under Gmail. The only problem is that Gmail shows “From Me on behalf of Me2″ in the address bar, but in your case it is probably a minor thing.

Give it a try,