Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: EDS (#108) part 2

This review is for the Fortune 500 Corporate Blog project. As I mentioned in the earlier EDS blog post, I worked for Electronic Data Systems (NYSE: EDS), in its Telecommunications Strategic Business Unit, between 1992 and 1997.

This is the second EDS corporate blog I've reviewed. (Here's the other.)

Name: "The Goal: Customer Service In The IT Industry."

History: regular posts since June 2006.

Frequency of posts: Not a lot. Two-three per month, decreasing from a high of seven in June, and none since November 7. See, here's what happens with blogs with infrequent posts. It generates questions, such as: has Kim Stevenson, the only poster, gotten very busy? Has she left the company? Or lost interest in the blog? The lack of new content on the blog is important to EDS, because their blogs are a reflection of the company, its people and its insight. The last thing EDS (which has upwards of 100,000 employees) wants to convey is: we have nothing to say.

Nature of posts: Customer service in the IT industry. It's a great topic; not covered much elsewhere, and very nicely done. The posts have a definite point of view, are well-constructed, and reflect the voice of a single author. [But please give us more of them!]

Design/functionality: Like The Next Big Thing, text, text and more text. It uses the same template, with EDS website tabs and links. No references to external blogs or resources (other than in the posts), which is sending another message--EDS is not curious about the outside world, and has all the insight they need inside the company. (I hope I'm wrong.)

Kim Stevenson, EDS' Vice President of Infrastructure Service Delivery, writes all the posts. I like the integrity and consistency that results from a single author, but I don't like the scanty posts (have I said that twice already?).

Links etc.: The blog is unclaimed in Technorati and is ranked #1,563,799, but #25,018 on Alexa. With more posts and some time, it would certainly get a lot more links.

So, EDS... let's get Kim some help in her department so she has more time to make "The Goal" everything it can be!

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