Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: Interpublic Group (#348)

Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) is the third-largest advertising/marketing holding company in the world. So they know something about blogs. The closest thing to a "corporate" blog they have is from their Emerging Media Lab, so that's what we'll talk about.

Name: "The Future of Media"

History: regular posts since June 2006.

Frequency of posts: About eight per month.

Nature of posts: Unsurprisingly, the blog deals with the future of media. Post subjects include Second Life, mobile advertising, video games, etc.. They present good analyses of fake user-created content here and here. As befits a research lab, there's no overt selling in the blog. Just talking about what's happening in new media, and why.

Design/functionality: A nice, clean design, with good use of graphics (as one would expect). The text is well organized and formatted. The left column includes categories, recent comments, frequently used tags, a blogroll and a reading list. In short, a very professional-looking blog. Offers an RSS feed. They allow comments (unmoderated, but requiring email verification) and trackbacks. The administrator is not identified. There are a handful of different posters, but Jeff Berg is responsible for more than half the posts.

Links etc.: The blog is unclaimed in Technorati and is ranked #223,757. Technorati's information is more than six weeks out of date. There are a few links from other blogs, mostly small ones.

A good blog on a timely topic. I will add "The Future of Media" to my reading list. Thanks, guys.

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