Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Top 10 favorite posts of the year

'Tis the season for Top 10 lists. I'm working on three--in addition to this one, a list of the newspaper/magazine/journal articles that most influenced me this year and the posts of the year from this blog. So stay tuned. And if you like this list, spread the love--do your own top 10 list!

10. "Why are referrals the BEST KIND of sales lead?" Landing The Deal. Poster: Dan Tudor.

9. "Designing for experience: webinar," PDMA Blog. Poster: Montie Roland.

8. "Advice for a freshman," Blogspotting. Poster: Stephen Baker.

7. "I agree with Tom. And yet...," The Impact of IT on Businesses and their Leaders. Poster: Andrew McAfee.

6. "Why economists like immigration," Greg Mankiw's Blog. Poster: Greg Mankiw.

5. "10 Awesome Places To Get Free Images For Your Blog," BusinessBlogWire. Poster: Easton Ellsworth. (Where do you think I got the picture at the top of this post?)

4. "The Open Space Fishbowl - A new way to an energised conversation," Anecdote. Poster: Andrew Rixon.

3. "Add a 2x12 to your foundation," Duct Tape Marketing. Poster: John Jansch.

2. "Iqbal Quadir on TEDTalks: the difference one cell phone can make to a village...," TEDBlog. Poster: June Cohen. (Honorable mention: "Malcolm Gladwell on TEDTalks." Honorable honorable mention: "Happiness Expert Dan Gilbert on TEDTalks."

Drum roll, please... bhrrrrrrrrrr...

1. "Gary Hamel: the importance of continuous management innovation," The Business Innovation Insider. Poster: Dominic Basulto. (Honorable mention: "The difference between design and craft" from the same blog.)

(Picture from abimages via stock.xchng.)

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