Monday, October 16, 2006

Google AdWords report week 1

Here are the statistics for the first week of the Google ad experiment, which I talked about last week.

# impressions via Google search: 402; #website hits: 3; clickthrough percentage: 7.5%

# impressions via Google's ad network (i.e., other sites where Google posts ads): 4,925; #website hits 7; clickthrough percentage: 0.14%

Out of those ten hits in total, no response forms filled in yet from my website.

An important observation: more than 90% of the impressions came from the ad network, yet the clickthrough percentage was a fraction of what it was with the search ads. This is something I observed at the last place when we tried this advertising. It may simply be a fact of life, yet it's hard to diagnose because Google doesn't provide nearly the detail they do with ads on their search site.

It's too early for any firm conclusions yet. I'll post on the progress again next week.

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