Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bob Nardelli interview

Here at the Fortune Innovation Forum, David Kirkpatrick of Fortune Magazine is interviewing Bob Nardelli of Home Depot.

In the recent past they've focused on innovating in technology--self-checkout has reduced queue times 30% in Home Depot stores--and design--improving store layout, signage and lighting to allow people to find products faster.

Now, their biggest focus is innovating in merchandise - today they announced OrangeWorks, a partnership to accelerate designing new proprietary products for Home Depot stores.

Why isn't being a better retailer enough? Because they want to be an attraction to the community. Distinctive merchandise will both draw in more shoppers and have them leave with more stuff.

They're focused on growing markets such as outdoor living--more upscale grills, patio furniture, etc.--safety & security, and aging in place.

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