Monday, November 13, 2006

Google AdWords report week 5

Here is the report for the latest week of the Google ad experiment. I increased the budget last week, so we'll see what effect if any there was on the clickthroughs, CPC, etc.

# impressions via Google search: 526; #website hits: 11; clickthrough percentage: 2.09%; cost per click 54.9 cents.

# impressions via Google's ad network (i.e., other sites where Google posts ads): 3,522; #website hits 8; clickthrough percentage: 0.23%; cost per click 44.6 cents.

# response forms: 1.

Pretty similar results (within the range of variation I'd been seeing) despite the increase in budget. Slightly higher cost per click. So we'll have to see if increasing the budget was worthwhile. Here's how the two top keywords did:

Keyword Impressions Clicks Total cost
MVNO 359

See you next week.

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