Monday, November 06, 2006

Google AdWords report week 4

Here is the report for the latest week:

Here are the statistics for the fourth week of the Google ad experiment.

# impressions via Google search: 675; #website hits: 12; clickthrough percentage: 1.78%; cost per click 40.7 cents.

# impressions via Google's ad network (i.e., other sites where Google posts ads): 2,851; #website hits 7; clickthrough percentage: 0.25%; cost per click 51.3 cents.

# response forms: 3 (first three!).

Big improvement in search impressions (20% higher), in search hits (more than double), and of course, in registered leads. Cost per click was down. Here's how the two top keywords did:

Keyword Impressions Clicks Total cost
MVNO 546 11 $4.72
MVNE 68 1 $0.16

Starting today, I will increase the budget 1/3 (from $30 to $40 per month), and monitor the results.

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