Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wireless cable is not an oxymoron

See this post from the New York Times Dealbook blog. Comcast may buy Sprint, but more than as a way to add a fourth service. The companies have a long history together. Comcast was part of the original Sprint PCS investment group in the mid-90's, and now is part of the cable consortium working with Sprint on an MVNO-like wireless offering.

According to Jason Bazinet of Citigroup, as quoted in Dealbook, “Wireless will likely emerge as a critical platform for voice, data, and video. In short, wireless untethers cable’s entire business.”

4G, WiMax, W-CDMA, it can give one a headache. But imagine the convenience and performance of your home WiFi network extended across town, across the state, the nation or the world. Now that could prove useful.

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