Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: Xerox (#142)

Hooray, Xerox has blogs! Two to be exact. One is a blog hosted by PARC, called PlayOn. It's focused on a particular research niche, virtual worlds, and as such is not truly a corporate blog. But it is worth a look if you are interested in the subject matter.

The other one fits our corporate blogging definition to a tee.

Name: "Big I, little t" - a blog focused on the corporate IT world.

History: regular posts since May 2006.

Frequency of posts: Not enough! Only seven posts in six months, and it's a shame, since those few posts are very good.

Nature of posts: They typically deal with general issues in IT. Jim Firestone, the president of Xerox North America, is the lead poster, and guest posts are solicited (seems like they should be able to get more than one post a month with that open a posting). The posts are pretty long, like trade publication articles though with slightly less formality. There are a handful of links in the posts themselves. Admirably, they steer clear of sales pitches and focus on general industry issues. Bravo!

Design/functionality: Text, text and more text. Except for the blog logo, not a graphic to be found. Offers RSS and Atom feeds. An excellent blogroll and numerous links to related industry publications. They allow comments (moderated) and trackbacks. The adminstrator is not identified.

Links etc.: The blog is unknown by Technorati. There are a handful of references to "Big I,little t" in other blogs (example), but none in the past sixty days. The company itself is discussed in dozens of posts a day.

So, Mr. Firestone, not a bad effort. But it's time to start posting regularly. If that happens, "Big I, little t" could become a very useful blog indeed, for Xerox and for readers.

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becky.dziedzic said...

Thanks for your review of our Big I little t blog John. We actually have a new post up today and I'd encourage you to stay tuned for more posts, since as you noticed, we just added the guest blogger request this week, and we're working to get a list of regular Xerox contributors as well. Additionally, I'd encourage you to check out Xerox's In the Balance blog (www.inthebalanceblog.com)focused on the printing industry. This blog has been around longer and we're posting more regularly.

Becky Dziedzic
Xerox PR/New Media

John Caddell said...

Becky, thanks for your comment. I will take a look at inthebalance and post a review of it. You obviously take your blogging seriously and it shows. Regards, John