Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: Xerox (#142)--additional blog

After my post on Xerox's "Big I, little t" blog yesterday, Becky Dziedzic of Xerox's PR department alerted me to another blog focused on the printing business. So, here's how I see this one:

Name: "In the Balance"

History: regular posts since March 2006.

Frequency of posts: Up to twelve per month. Very bursty--several months have one post and a couple have none. Becky says that they have just started the guest blogger program and are actively recruiting more bloggers from within Xerox. That's good and needed.

Nature of posts: All about printing. Like "Big I, little t," no sales pitches. Just a discussion of industry trends and issues (of course, discussion of the printing industry obviously connects to Xerox, the leader--hence, the beauty of an industry-focused blog for them). The posts frequently refer to industry seminars and Xerox forums, a nice way of enhancing the value from those more traditional ways of communicating with customers.

Design/functionality: Text. Pictures, graphs, etc., would be welcome (PlayOn does a nice job with multimedia on their site). Offers RSS and Atom feeds. As with Big I, little t, an excellent blogroll and numerous links to related industry publications. Links to Xerox business partners are also listed. They allow comments (moderated) and trackbacks. The adminstrator is not identified.

Links etc.: The blog is ranked #1,047,844 by Technorati and is unclaimed. (Becky, I would get all your blogs registered, claimed and monitored regularly on Technorati. It would be a great way to grow their influence.) Three different blogs have linked to In the Balance (example).

Another good blog. Kudos to Becky and to Xerox. Now let's get some more posters!

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